Custom-made services

Whether you’re experiencing a problem with your business processes, a lack of needed personnel, or technological difficulties, there are times when you’re in the middle of a situation and can’t find a way out or forward. This is exactly the point at which you need a new perspective and a fresh outlook from experienced consultants. Our key people, co-founders Armina and Daniel, set the tone and corporate culture with complementary backgrounds and skill sets, permitting them to coordinate and oversee project teams to desirable results, and to look at problems from a new perspective. Whatever the problem demands, Armina and Daniel bring these skills and the skills of their teams until they find a solution.

From startups to multinationals, we pride ourselves on building relationships from first meetings to delivery of the project or product – on time, ready to go, and within budget. At times a solution is as simple as finding the right people for the job, or creating new training protocols, and sometimes even taking over complex projects that have become too complex to handle in-house. Whatever you need from us, our key people, staff, and our specialist teams love the challenge of creating a custom solution that works with your organization.