26 COUNTRIES and over 800 PROJECTS

For big brands and inspiring startups alike, we tailor remarkable solutions for growth challenges: from reaching new markets, writing compelling texts, going multilingual, having an outstanding website and wow print-outs to data-mining and online research.
Our full-service strategy, design, & development teams deliver from ideas to execution.
Our skills, local market knowledge and cultural sensitivity have helped us build a globe-spanning client book. The majority of our customers are located in the USA (50%) and German-speaking Europe (30%) with the remainder spread over three continents.

We deliver expert, hand-crafted translations – NOW IN 200 LANGUAGES.
Since 2007, we have compiled a track record of high-quality translation projects completed for a global clientele.

  • Multi-language translation
  • Print and eBooks, websites
  • Manuals, business literature
  • Complex localizations

With our bespoke translation services you can rest assured that your target audience not only receives your intended message with exacting clarity, but that absolutely nothing gets lost in translation. Our team of translators possesses the linguistic fluency, cultural sensitivity, and first-hand local knowledge to translate your message in 200 languages – without tripping over cultural differences, colloquialisms, or idioms that could contribute to misinterpretations. Any task you’re contracting, we’re ready and able to accept. We’re prepared to rise to the challenge of translating print or digital publications, manuals, catalogues, web sites, or pamphlets and business literature into your desired languages with ease and accuracy.

Our team is fluid, adaptable, diverse, and relishes the challenges of helping businesses to compete in a worldwide market where conveying a message as well as a mission is critical.

The translation services we provide cover a varied range of clients and industries, encompassing everything from direct ads and marketing to creating translations for the more tech-oriented, precision-critical industries such as programming, aerospace, and medical. We look forward to meeting whatever challenges you and your business bring to us with our cultivated promise of innovation, professionalism, and hard work. We strive to deliver a high-quality and accurate product at a cost-effective price, giving you a greater return on investment.

For a better overview of our translations services, please check our dedicated website: www.reb-translations.com

Your communication vision, our expertise. Result: attractive publications that impress your target audience, in “ready to publish” files made with top tools under the tightest deadlines

  • Logo design and corporate ID
  • Print advertising
  • Book and magazine design
  • Creative design work in any medium

We design attractive and memorable publications that your audience will be eager to have in their hands. Designing the publications to your order using top of the line, industry standard graphics and publishing software, we can create corporate logos, design business cards, brochures, catalogs, magazines, and even textbooks and manuals in 200 languages. With our “ready to publish” files delivered to you, your material is ready for your printing contractor or even your office’s own printer with a simple point and click.

While this is the digital age and many businesses go at the speed of a click or tap, there is a place for printed media that doesn’t get lost in an ocean of competing pixels. Whether giving a speech, offering a lecture or exhibiting at a trade show or convention, your publications speak for your professionalism and leave an impression long after the first handshake. Print media create a presence where WiFi and LTE can’t, and is more tangible than that blinking pixel, lending itself to memory by presence and quality design. The logo, the memorable and unique look and the caliber of the publication – even if it’s as simple as a line card or a three-fold brochure – are part of a well-rounded business identity.

Whether you need a simple presence website or a complex ecommerce site, we will design a professional online presence that implements your personal or professional vision and achieves your goals

  • Integrated solutions
  • Graphics and effects
  • SEO content and articles writing
  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

Very little online is as vitally important to your success as web design. The basic principle of modern web presence is the seamless flow of navigation and the aesthetic experience of the design, whether it’s a simple single page or a complex commercial site. The ideal website is both well-designed and well-executed – the site is intuitive, responsive, and simple on the face of it, even if the underlying components are complex. We cover all points of custom-made and fully integrated web solutions from graphics and layout to back office processes, custom modules, comprehensive SEO, and custom-written articles to draw the eyes of potential clients.

Using WordPress, a highly secure open source content management system, we can build anything from a simple blog to a mobile-friendly interface, or a complex eCommerce site. Our team of creative, flexible designers provide quality work and make sure to keep you in the loop through all phases of design and deployment, where you can watch and assess every challenge and outcome. We’re even available after you go live to help make sure everything continues to run smoothly, assuring that your site remains up-to-date and secure. Our designers and developers take pride in hard work, creativity, and their ability to deliver a superior product and experience to you and to your clients.

Business process outsourcing, complex projects, and integrated marketing solutions – we do it all, so you can focus on what you do best: your core competencies. We call it “smartsourcing.”

  • Market research and competitive analysis
  • Technical manuals writing
  • e-Marketing campaigns
  • Data search and entry

When you need to focus on what you do well, leave what you don’t know – or don’t want to handle – to us. Our particular vision of outsourcing works to let you concentrate on the core competencies of your business while relying on us to handle the rest. All those time-consuming tasks are taken care of by our team of outsourcing professionals, allowing you to address your priorities and organize to get the important things done.

Everything outside of your wheel house will be taken care of with ease by leaving it in our capable hands. Just as much in the creative sphere as programming or design, a good outsourcing company works independently to handle tasks from data entry to writing technical manuals, creating and handling marketing campaigns, or conducting research and analysis to help you identify opportunities or correct organizational problems.

Outsourcing should work more like “smartsourcing” – an independent process working in an integrated way with your company to find the best brains for a given task. Our team includes full-time staff, project-based specialists, and a global network to support you and your business as you grow. Smartsourcing gives you time to do what you do well, frees up your time, and it allows you to focus on the things you want to pay attention to.

You have no clue how to solve a business or tech problem? We love challenges: learning new softwares, finding innovative solutions, brainstorming ideas, or finding the right people.

  • Head-hunting
  • Complex tech projects
  • Trainings design
  • Product design

Whether you’re experiencing a problem with your business processes, a lack of needed personnel, or technological difficulties, there are times when you’re in the middle of a situation and can’t find a way out or forward.

This is exactly the point at which you need a new perspective and a fresh outlook from experienced consultants. Our key people, co-founders Armina and Daniel, set the tone and corporate culture with complementary backgrounds and skill sets, permitting them to coordinate and oversee project teams to desirable results, and to look at problems from a new perspective.

Whatever the problem demands, Armina and Daniel bring these skills and the skills of their teams until they find a solution.

From startups to multinationals, we pride ourselves on building relationships from first meetings to delivery of the project or product – on time, ready to go, and within budget. At times a solution is as simple as finding the right people for the job, or creating new training protocols, and sometimes even taking over complex projects that have become too complex to handle in-house. Whatever you need from us, our key people, staff, and our specialist teams love the challenge of creating a custom solution that works with your organization.