Let’s face it: We all have things we would rather not do ourselves, if only we could rely on someone to do them right. Then we could concentrate on what we do best, what we enjoy or what brings us the most profit.

Especially if you are an entrepreneur, these are often one and the same. It makes no difference if you are just getting started on an exciting new venture or run a growing, established business.

We learned this from dealing with more than 800 clients from around the globe since founding Rent eBrains in 2007. From day one, we took all kinds of projects off hands that had better things to do: creating profit opportunities while we built the website, wrote the content, designed the ads or did market research. 

We will continue to master and perform these sorts of tasks, ranging from mundane data entry to the most complex projects, so you can do what you do best. Just share your vision with us to have it translated into a customized solution  that will have you say: “Couldn’t have done it  better myself.”


the co-founders of Rent eBrains, Reb Translations and Reb Design:


She is ideally positioned to manage every aspect of your project. With over 12 years of work experience, she loves devising high-quality professional solutions for businesses of all kinds and sizes. Expect responsive customer comfort and care delivered with flair by a relationship manager extraordinaire.


  • Project management
  • Team management
  • Translations  management
  • HR management


  • Communication
  • Disruptive thinking
  • Instructional design

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Coming from an engineering background, Daniel, brings high talent and deep enthusiasm for all things technical to his role as creative co-director of Rent eBrains. He specializes in high-end desktop publishing applications and coordinates the work of other techno wizards in Rent eBrains’ talent pool.


  • Nuclear physics
  • Team management
  • Web design
  • Data mining


  • Strategically oriented
  • Stress resistant
  • Structured & focused

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