Armina and Daniel Sîrbu co-founded Rent eBrains in 2007, she was fresh from a career track with European Fortune 500 companies and he from a high-tech engineering background.  She loves devising high-quality professional solutions for businesses of all kinds and sizes and will move heaven and earth to achieve the desired client outcome. Daniel brings technical wizardry and deep enthusiasm for all things technical to their work.

From their offices in Switzerland and Romania, together with their talented, diverse core team of specialists, they nimbly provide a unique brand of caring, responsive and highly expert service that has earned them accolades from over 600 pampered customers worldwide. They are always ready to “walk in their client’s shoes,” love a challenge and pride themselves on leading a team of 100 full-time and project-based go-getters and achievers: translators, engineers, copywriters and project managers.

Armina, Daniel and the Team are at your service and would love to discuss with you solution synergies for your business.


Rent eBrains is a new kind of services company where:

  1. INNOVATION is the norm
  2. QUALITY is Swiss and is valued over growth
  3. CLIENT CARE AND COMFORT are top priority from project start to finish
  4. INTEGRITY and AUTHENTICITY are required
  5. HARD WORK and COMMITMENT are rewarded
  6. MEASURABLE RESULTS matter most
  7. TEAM MEMBERS love what they do

These virtues help us keep our promises.


We deliver customized, convenient expert services at reasonable cost to our customers, under the motto “get the job done” on time and on budget every time.


We aim to combine a global outlook with local market expertise to deliver flexible, boutique-style, budget-conscious customer service with an internet focus to a global clientele, using diverse multinational teams of dedicated project managers and experts.


To realize our vision of becoming an A-list online provider of business services, we made it our mission from day one to deliver top-notch service tailored to our customers’ needs and specifications. We help our clients succeed with our technological expertise and the dedicated work of our international teams. But, in true boutique fashion, we make client care and comfort from project start to finish a top priority and criterion for success.